Leadership & Education Portfolio

Greetings! I have recently developed a personal leadership and education portfolio that represents my philosophical and theoretical perceptions of leadership and education.

I feel an educator is a leader. I also feel that a leader, even if not in a formal educational environment, should also be an educator. John F. Kennedy once said that “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”. Today’s leaders have an important responsibilty to not only lead others by providing direction and clairity but to also empower those they lead to become the leaders of the next generation.


Throughout my career I will likely encounter diverse groups of individuals at varying stages in life and career. Regardless of the context of the situation I feel learning is a personal journey to becoming the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

Sorting through learning theories is daunting enough let alone doing enough research on each theory to discover if there is a true philosophical connection.  I ran across this chart developed by Richard Millwood that visually represents the connections of learning theories and theorists. Sadly it doesn’t really look at the theories from the humanistic perspective or those associated with the affective and interpersonal domains of which I have the most interest, however it is still a helpful visual.

As theories continue to be tested, new ones emerge, and my experiences change through my career I fully expect that the theories I recognize as relevent to my work will continue to evolve. I encourage you to explore my site to further understand the theoretical underpinnings to my leadership and educational philosophy.

Thanks for visiting!

~ Karen


2 thoughts on “Leadership & Education Portfolio

    • Dr. Straquadine,
      Thank you. I have taken a closer look at my foundational theories since our class session on Thursday. Though my vision on how these theories work together my still need some refining, I feel through my recent revisons I have attempted a more coherent articulation of my thoughts.
      Thanks for hosting such an engaging course 🙂

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